Sid at High Creek Land

Sid at High Creek Land is amazing to work with. He answers emails right away and is a great communicator. He will work extremely hard to not only service all of your needs, but to get the job done easily, thoroughly, and quickly. Sid is trustworthy, kind, considerate, and listens well. I highly recommend High Creek Land for any and all of your land-buying needs, and consider High Creek Lands to be a solid five-star company. Thanks again Sid!

Angela Myers

I think Sid Christensen is

I think Sid Christensen is really good to work with. He’s patient and kind, and sells land for a good price. My sister and I wouldn’t be able otherwise to get a piece of land if he weren’t helping us out, and working with us on doing payments etc.

Elizabeth Holm

Sid was easy to work

Sid was easy to work with and very straight forward about the process. He responded to my inquiries in a timely manor which many people I had been trying to do business with in this arena with did not. He gave me very reasonable terms and I would recommend him to anyone I know.

Sean Prue

He is honest

He is honest, trustworthy and accountable. Sid made the process easy.


When I contacted Sid at

When I contacted Sid at high creek land I was very unsure of the outcome.
He began by assuring me that he has all elements in place to accommodate the purchase. He is knowledgeable and actually cares that the people who work with him are accommodated in every way possible

I have tried to buy land here in Michigan but either my employ or lack of, along with a never good enough credit score always prevented the sale.

This was not the case with high creek land. Sid, you have my total confidence and appreciation.

Steve Van Tuyl

Working with Sid and High

Working with Sid and High Creek is first experience buying undeveloped land. Sid answers my inquires, is patient in helping me understand the process, and he responds promptly when I have questions.

Sid Christensen is an honest guy and great to do business with.

Ashley Davis

I purchased 10-ac from Sid.

I purchased 10-ac from Sid. Super easy, incredibly flexible, the lowest down and monthly compared to everyone else. great guarantees and risk free-hazzle free. I could not afford anyone else and real property pictures. Thanks Sid.

A. Serrano.

The process was very easy

Hi my name Is Jr lopez me and my wife purchased some land from sid and he was very understanding with our needs and very honest in his dealings.The process was very easy and we cannot wait to be able to build on our property. Sid is a very caring man  and he was patient with us while we were dealing with a tragic time in our lives with a family matter. I cannot wait to get  this paid off and hope fully still find another 10 acres next to our existing property. Thankyou so much for this opportunity.

Jr lopez